What to Expect during Oral Cancer Screening?

What to Expect during Oral Cancer Screening?

Oct 01, 2021

Does the dentist near me make you wonder why they are probing around the base of your mouth, asking you to push your tongue out, and feeling the back of your jaw, neck, and face? The additional examination and probing may perplex you into asking questions of what the dentist is trying to identify all around your head when they should concentrate on your teeth and gums. If you probe further into the subject and discuss what they are looking for with the dentist, the dentist will likely respond they are conducting oral cancer screenings.

The term oral cancer can startle you to wonder why you even need to undergo the screen when you don’t seem to have any symptoms or risk factors indicating this disease. You calm yourself only after receiving information from the dental office near you; the screening is part of your routine visit to identify any signs of oral cancer in their mouth. The dentist completes the screening in approximately five minutes to ensure the screening is accommodated within the time you are allotted for your routine appointment.

What Can You Expect during Oral Cancer Screenings?

The dentist performs oral cancer screenings near me, looking for signs of cancer or precancerous lesions in your mouth. The aim of cancer screening is to identify oral cancer early when the chances of a successful cure are higher. When you visit your dentist for six-monthly exams and cleanings, expect the dentist also to examine your mouth for oral cancer.

Like numerous medical organizations, you may disapprove of the screening performed by the dentist in Portland because you may believe you are healthy and without risk factors needing evaluations from your dentist for oral cancer. However, the screening is performed as a complementary gesture by all dentists without you even realizing what the dentist is looking for. Therefore you can expect the dentist to complete the oral cancer screening before you understand what the dentist did with your head and mouth besides looking at your teeth and gums.

Why Is Oral Cancer Screening Necessary?

Oral cancer screenings are essential because they can reassure you know current problems exist in your mouth or trigger early treatment if you are at risk. Oral cancer screenings in Portland are a precautionary measure and not diagnostic. You can consider it excellent news if the dentist doesn’t find anything abnormal during the screening. However, you must also remain determined to return to the dentist regularly for exams and cleanings and maintain excellent dental hygiene if risk factors of developing oral cancer are also present. The American cancer society states the top risk factors of developing oral cancer include tobacco use, alcohol use, HPV diagnosis, exposure to sunlight, aging, and gender.

Men are more likely to get screened for oral cancer by the dentist in SW Portland than women indicating they may be at higher risk of this condition.

What Happens If Dentists Detect Any Signs of Oral Cancer?

Suppose the Multnomah village dentist detects any cancer-like symptoms in your mouth they refer you to further testing to determine what the sign indicates. There is no need for you to express fear at this stage because further tests recommended by the dentist do not mean you are affected by this condition. On the contrary, if a cancer diagnosis proves positive, it reduces treatment-related health issues later. It is why early detection is essential for the prevention of oral cancer.

Oral cancer screenings near me are not just a physical exam but also an opportunity for you to discuss with your dental professional your concerns about mouth cancer. You must prepare yourself for the examination with a list of questions and seek advice about lifestyle changes you should incorporate to prevent incidences of oral cancer. Instead of remaining concerned about oral cancer screening, you should be determined to participate in the process actively with your dentist because it helps put your mind at ease; after undergoing a preventive screening, the dentist provides an under five minutes.

Do not consider oral cancer screenings as an additional burden either physically or financially because the dentist isn’t charging you anything extra for the screening but, as mentioned earlier, is performing the test as a complementary gesture to ensure your mouth and neck are entirely free from this dreadful condition.

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