3D Digital Impressions in Portland, OR

Modern dental technology has developed with two goals in mind: To improve care and increase patient comfort. One of the greatest recent inventions is a new 3D digital impression system that allows our team at Serene Dental to make an impression of your mouth without relying on uncomfortable, goopy putty. If you know you need a new crown, cap, or another custom made dental appliance and would like to find a provider of 3D digital impressions near you, come see us today in Portland, OR.

What Are They?

3D digital impressions are a way to create an entire mold of your teeth without relying on traditional putty. To make a broad range of dental appliances, dentists used to have to create a full impression of your bite with less reliable materials. In modern times, offices like Serene Dental utilize a system with reflective dust and a small camera “wand.”

During the creation of a 3D digital impression, a member of our staff applies a thin layer of reflective dust to the tooth that requires treatment. A tool containing a camera is then waved around the tooth, where it takes hundreds of pictures to create an accurate copy of the dental shape.

After a few minutes, we possess a complete and accurate digital version of your tooth. We can send this to our dental lab and have a perfect crown, cap, or similar appliance ready for you.

The Benefits

There are two primary benefits with this treatment: patient comfort and mold accuracy. On your part, you no longer have to sit with a mouth full of goopy putty to have an impression made of your smile. You just have to wait a few minutes while we scan, and there is no unpleasant taste left in your mouth.

The other benefit is a better fitting dental appliance. Traditional molds often did not reveal all of the fine details of a tooth, so crowns needed to be edited and refitted multiple times. Now, our appliances at Serene Dental are some of the most accurate – and it is thanks to our utilization of 3D digital impressions in our Portland office.

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