Dental CBCT in Portland, OR

CBCT is the acronym for cone-beam computed tomography. This technology has given dental professionals access to innovative imaging in 3-D views. When your Portland dentist performs a CBCT scan, it improves his or her ability to evaluate, diagnose, and deliver the best care.

How Does CBCT Work?

A CBCT works by rotating around the patient using a cone-shaped x-ray. This device captures images that are then translated into a 3D visual of the neck, jaw, mouth, and teeth. In addition, it will also pick up visuals of the throat, nose, and ears.

This type of imaging is used specifically when traditional x-ray machines won’t suffice. However, due to the higher levels of radiation, it is not used on a regular basis. The CBCT scan generates a 3D image of not just your dental structure but also your bone, nerves, and soft tissues. As a result, your dentist in SW Portland, OR, can provide a more accurate treatment plan.

Why is CBCT Used?

What’s more, patients with orthodontic problems are the most likely candidates for CBCT scans. It will also be used for individuals with impacted teeth to ensure the correct placement of implants, diagnosing TMJ and TMD disorders, and reconstructive surgery.

Other than being asked to remove metal objects, rings, hairpins, and any hearing devices, no preparation is needed before a CBCT scan. In fact, the scan itself will take under a minute to complete. In less than 10 seconds, a regional scan can be performed, which targets a specific area. In addition, there is no pain or discomfort involved. So, the test is fast and easy.

CBCT at Serene Dental

The results of the scan will be interpreted by your dentist, radiologist, or oral surgeon. Depending on the outcome, you may be referred to a dental specialist or physician for further treatment.

The dentistry benefits are immense, while the risks are few. As always, regular dental hygiene can prevent serious oral health issues. Your dentist in Portland, OR will discuss the best course of action with you after the scan. Call Serene Dentistry today to find out more with surrounding areas of Southwest PortlandMultnomahBeavertonHillsdale, Multnomah Village, Garden HomeSouth Berlingame, and Tigard.

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