Tooth Extraction in Portland, OR

Often, root canal therapy, dental fillings, dental crowns, and other restorative dentistry procedures at Serene Dental can repair teeth that have become damaged from infection, tooth decay, and even traumatic injuries. However, when these treatments cannot save the tooth or prevent further damage, an extraction is necessary.

Having a tooth pulled involves removing a tooth completely from its roots in the jaw. This procedure is incredibly common, and our team performs extractions in Portland, OR, daily.

About the Tooth Extraction Procedure at Serene Dental

At Serene Dental, we perform both simple extractions and surgical extractions to pull a tooth. We will use some sedation level to make sure the procedure is comfortable for you—we do not want you to experience any pain. We typically administer local anesthetic injections to numb the area of the extraction, but in special or more complicated cases, we will use general anesthesia.

Simple Extractions

Most of the time, local anesthesia is used for simple extractions. Your Multnomah Village dentist will use a special tool known as an elevator to loosen the tooth from its socket, and then they will use forceps to lift it out of place. You can expect to feel some pressure during the procedure in a simple extraction, but it will not be painful.

Surgical Extractions

Genera anesthesia will be used to achieve a completely unconscious state for a surgical extraction. Surgical extractions are performed when a tooth has yet to break through the gum line.

In a surgical extraction, your dentist near me will cut into the gums and bone tissue to access the tooth that needs to be pulled. Sometimes the tooth can be extracted whole, but other times it will need to be cut up into parts that can be removed more easily.

Aftercare Following an Extraction

Always be sure to follow your dentist’s in SW Portland instructions for aftercare. You can take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to manage the discomfort, swelling, and pain that is to be expected in conjunction with some ice packs on the cheek.

Use gauze to encourage the blood to clot and be careful with eating. Avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where your tooth was pulled until the wound heals.

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