Fluoride Treatment in Portland, OR

The lack of fluoride in a water supply is easy to spot because it often shows people’s teeth. They will have more caries or tooth decay, especially in children who are more prone to eat foods with sugar in them. If necessary, a Multnomah Village dentist will prescribe a fluoride treatment to prevent cavities.

How does Fluoride Prevent Cavities?

Fluoride comes from one of the earth’s most abundant elements, fluorine. Fluorine appears in rocks, water, and soil, so you eat it every day, especially if your diet is plant-based. The fluoride found in our dentist’s office near you at Serene Dental in Portland, OR, comes from fluorine in calcium deposits in phosphate rock.

Tooth enamel originates from the calcium and phosphate in your body, which are the same two minerals in fluoride. As decay-causing bacteria, which forms from the carbohydrates people eat, produces acids that eat away enamel. Although saliva contains calcium and phosphate that can rebuild it, fluoride also helps rebuild enamel.

So, when you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste or drink water fluoride, it helps to replenish the enamel on your teeth, which can prevent cavities. However, one of our dentists at Serene Dental may recommend fluoride treatments near me for patients whose town water doesn’t have fluoride in it.

How Dentists Perform Fluoride Treatments

A treatment to add fluoride to your teeth is easy and painless. It involves one of our dentists in A treatment to add fluoride to your teeth is easy and painless. It involves one of our dentists in SW Portland OR using a swab or brush to paint a fluoride gel, solution, varnish, or foam on your teeth. It may also come as a rinse that you hold in your mouth for several seconds before spitting it out. One of our dentists at Serene Dental may prescribe fluoride tablets for bad cases of caries.

After the treatment, our dentist near you in Portland, OR, will advise you not to consume food or drinks for at least 30 minutes. The waiting time allows the fluoride to seep into your teeth to protect them. However, after the allotted time limit, you are free to eat and drink whatever you wish.

Be sure to use fluoride toothpaste or a mouth rinse if the water in your city or town doesn’t have fluoride in it to protect your teeth from cavities.

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