Mouth Guards in Portland, OR

The Essentials of Mouth Guards: Types and Uses

Mouth guards are essential protective devices for children and adults, shielding teeth and gums from potential damage. At Serene Dental in Portland, we offer various mouth guards tailored to different needs, including sports and night mouth guards for teeth grinding. Each type serves a specific purpose, from protecting against sports-related injuries to preventing the wear and tear associated with teeth grinding at night.

How Mouth Guards Protect Your Teeth During Sports

Sports mouth guards are engineered to absorb impacts that could otherwise result in broken teeth, facial injuries, or more serious issues such as jaw fractures. At Serene Dental, we recommend these devices for anyone engaging in contact sports or activities with a risk of impact to the face. By absorbing and dispersing the force of an impact, a sports mouth guard is a critical component in any athlete’s gear.

Choosing the Right Mouth Guard: Custom vs. Store-Bought

While store-bought mouth guards can provide essential protection, a custom-fitted mouth guard from a local Portland dentist like Serene Dental offers the best fit and protection. Custom mouthguards are crafted to perfectly fit the unique contours of your gums and teeth, providing superior comfort and efficacy. Whether you’re looking for a “mouth guard near me” for sports or a “night guard near me” for sleeping, our dental professionals can assist in selecting and creating the perfect mouth guard for your needs.

Importance of Wearing a Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

Wearing a mouth guard for grinding teeth is crucial in preventing the wear and tear of enamel, reducing jaw strain, and alleviating associated pain like headaches and neck discomfort. At Serene Dental, we customize night guards that fit comfortably, ensuring they protect without disrupting sleep. These guards are an effective solution for those who suffer from bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding.

Care and Maintenance of Mouth Guards: Keeping Them Effective

Proper maintenance and care is critical to ensure your mouth guard continues to function effectively. This includes regular cleaning, appropriate storage, and routine checks for wear and tear. At our dental offices in Portland, we guide you on caring for your mouth guard, ensuring it remains in top condition and continues to offer the protection you need.

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