Mouth Guards in Portland, OR

Protect Your Smile with the Help of Serene Dental

As one of the leading multi-specialty dentists in SW Portland, OR, Serene Dental not only helps create perfect smiles but offers solutions to protect them as well. When we say that we take preventive dentistry in Portland, OR seriously, we provide the services to back it up. One of those smile saving services is custom made mouth guards near you.

Never Cut Corners on Smile Protection and Preventive Dentistry in Portland, OR

Cutting corners on two things as important as your dental health and your smile’s quality should never be taken lightly. That’s why Serene Dental is proud to provide custom made mouthguards to protect both! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or your child plays in competitive sports, our team can design a mouth guard that can protect in every impact situation. If you’d like to learn more about a custom-fitted mouthguard in Portland, we invite you to call our office today to learn more.

The Limitations of Over the Counter Mouth Protection in Portland, OR

Even though you may be tempted to click an online purchase for mouth protection as your first choice in a mouth guard, we wouldn’t be performing our professional duty as a health provider, not to mention the limitations that accompany over-the-counter products. Instead of receiving personalized and customized one-on-one fitting for comfort and protection from the team at Serene Dental, you’ll receive a product that lacks comfort and maximum protection and may even impact your ability to speak and breathe easily. Instead of hoping that you make a smart online decision, trust the Serene Dental professionals to deliver the perfect mouth guard in Portland, OR.

We Like to Call It the Shoe Analogy

Just as you have to often try on countless pairs of athletic shoes to get the most comfortable fit, the same is true with off-the-shelf mouth guards. You wouldn’t work out or exercise in pain from an ill-fitting shoe, so why take the risk of experiencing the discomfort that will accompany an ill-fitting mouthguard? Instead, take your next step to comfortable dentistry in Portland, OR, and make an appointment with Serene Dental today!

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