Sedation Dentistry in Portland, OR

Millions of people fail to get the dental treatment they need and deserve due to their intense fear of pain during procedures. The Dental Fears Research Clinic at Washington reports that between 5 to 8 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to intense fear. Around 20 percent will visit the SW Portland dentist only when there is an urgent necessity to do so.

Many times, dental pain in daily life may scare us from seeking qualified and timely dental care. In fact, the word ‘dentophobia’ describes the anxiety and fear of people related to dental procedures. Since we lie back in a dentist’s chair and are unable to respond verbally or respond, this tends to make us nervous.

As counter-productive as it may sound, many people are willing to accept the pain rather than get the urgent treatment they need. Our reputed dentist in SW Portland, OR suggests that with sedation dentistry, patients need no longer worry about pain and discomfort during procedures, including complex treatments.

Fortunately, at Serene Dental, we are trained to manage nervous patients, and we use a variety of modern methods and treatments to put patients at ease. Sedation dentistry techniques help patients feel relaxed and content during procedures.

Which Patients Need Sedation Dentistry

At Serene Dental in Portland, OR, we serve many patients with different requirements. Patients may inquire about sedation dentistry methods for various reasons. These could include:

  • Phobia regarding dental procedures (sometimes due to previous unpleasant experiences)
  • Sensitive oral nerves (some patients are more sensitive compared to others)
  • Small-sized oral cavity that becomes sore during dental work
  • General anxiety and stress

If you find that you belong to any of the categories described above, please ask our dentist near you regarding the most suitable sedation techniques. Dental sedation can help patients get through several procedures, including implants, extractions, and root canals.

While sedation is not typically used during routine exams, a mild dose can help reduce heightened sensitivity during intensive cleanings.

Don’t put your oral health at risk – contact Serene Dental for assistance regarding the most suitable sedation methods for you.

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