Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance in Portland

New Solutions for Sleep Apnea Near You from Serene Dentistry

Are you wondering whether or not you suffer from sleep apnea in Portland? Also known as OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), it’s a sleeping condition that affects about 30 percent of all adults, oftentimes with life-altering symptoms.

In decades past, this disorder was intricate to diagnose and treat, but with the advancements made in modern dentistry, including those practiced at Serene Dentistry, getting a healthy and restful night’s sleep may only be an appointment away in our Multnomah Village dentist office.

Do You Recognize Yourself in Any of These Symptoms?

Most people associate sleep apnea as “the snoring condition,” when in reality, OSA has many other symptoms such as morning headaches, mood changes, depression, insomnia, restless sleep, drooling during sleep, waking up with a cough or dry throat, decreased libido, and more. And even though OSA is a relatively common complaint, diagnosing it can sometimes be costly and time-consuming for patients experiencing the disorder.

Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance Care is a Ground-Breaking Alternative

When you visit Serene Dentistry for a sleep apnea dental appliance in Portland, you’ll receive personalized one-on-one care and recommendations to treat your condition with the individualized respect it deserves. Just as no two mouths are the same when it comes to oral health, the same can be said that no two sleeping patterns are the same. Some sleepers may need the help of a cumbersome breathing machine to help them stop snoring, while others can find relief through the simplicity of a sleep apnea dental appliance from Serene Dentistry.

What Patients Love the Most About Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances from Serene Dentistry

Not only does a sleep apnea dental appliance from our dentist in SW Portland help patients like you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep, but we receive comments every day from patients telling us that what they love the most about their dental appliance is that it’s comfortable to wear, silent to use, discreet, and easy to travel with. If you add in that wearing a sleep apnea dental appliance can help control weight gain and ward off potentially life-threatening health conditions such as heart disease, there’s no excuse to delay making an appointment with Serene Dental to learn how we can help you too!

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