Here at Serene Dental, we are committed to ensuring that our patients feel at home during their dental appointments. We want you to look forward to your dental treatments because dental care can be fun too. That’s why we offer various complementary services that will have you thinking you’re at your favorite spa. During your dental visit, you will enjoy a wide range of extras, including:

Warm Towels

Do you need to freshen up after a dental procedure? Here at Serene Dental, paper towels are a thing of the past. Instead, we offer you fresh, pre-moistened warm towels—guaranteed to make you feel as if you’re flying first-class.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Do you love your essential oils? Did you know that you can incorporate essential oils into oral care? We’ll show you how. Serene Dental uses pure, certified therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils to promote oral well-being. Thanks to these essential oils, our patients enjoy fresher breath for longer.


Are you coming in for a lengthy dental procedure? We know that the dentist’s chair isn’t the coziest place. Lucky for you, we have blankets to keep you warm during treatment.

Relaxation Music

Do you struggle to relax during dental procedures? Did you know that listening to relaxing music can make your experience at the dentist’s more pleasant? We do, and that’s why we always ensure there’s relaxation music when you need it. Relaxation music helps you to switch off your immediate worries, so you can relax and let our dentist give you the outstanding dental care that you need.


Would you rather listen to your personalized playlist? We provide headphones too. Just lay back and let your favorite artist soothe you through your extraction or root canal treatment.

Eye Masks

For some patients, the sights of the dental office are intimidating and can get in the way of real relaxation. That’s why we provide eye masks—your escape from the images of your treatment process. Feel free to close your eyes and go right to sleep—we’ll wake you up when we’re done taking good care of your pearly whites.

Ear Plugs

Do you prefer silence over music? We have you covered too. With our earplugs, you don’t have to listen to any unwelcome sound or noises during your dental procedures.

If you don’t believe that a dental appointment can feel like a spa experience, we welcome you to put your doubts to rest at Serene Dental in Portland, OR.

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