Dental Crowns in Portland, OR

Dental crowns are not only popular dental restorations, but they also act as a preventive measure against further degradation of your tooth. Serene Dental in Portland, OR, helps you take a closer look at the uses and types of dental crowns and how they help.

A dental crown is a cap or cover placed over your tooth, and they are used for several reasons. For example, dental crowns Portland help in the following ways:

  • They restore the shape and size of a chipped or misshaped tooth
  • They support and strengthen a weak tooth (leaving a weak tooth uncapped may weaken it further)
  • They are ideally used for large cavities (where fillings may not help)
  • They help restore a tooth after root canal treatment

Dental crowns near you also help correct discolored teeth that may appear unsightly and out of place. They may also be used in pediatric dentistry procedures where milk or baby teeth have been extensively damaged due to decay (owing to poor oral hygiene). Our dentist in SW Portland can help you explore suitable restorative options for your requirements.

Different Types of Dental Crowns

We offer temporary and permanent crowns which are made from a variety of materials. The final choice will depend on your needs and preference.

Temporary Crowns: These can be fabricated in the dental office itself and is usually replaced by a permanent crown once it’s ready. Temporary crowns are usually made of stainless steel or acrylic. Serene Dental in Portland, OR, also offers same-day permanent crowns that are fabricated as you wait.

Stainless Steel Crowns: These are primarily used for children’s teeth (and as temporary crowns for adults). Once the permanent tooth erupts, the crown automatically comes out.

Metal Crowns: These are made of gold and platinum and considered highly durable and strong. They can last through years of chewing, grinding, and biting. The only disadvantage is their color, which is why they are commonly used on back teeth or molars.

Other types may include resin, porcelain, or ceramic. Contact Multnomah Village dentist for more information regarding dental crown types and benefits.

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