Root Canal in Portland, OR

If you have a toothache, you probably have dental decay in your tooth. If you don’t get it treated quickly, then the decay can get deeper into the tooth, where the pulp and roots are, and then you will need a root canal Portland OR. Read these symptoms that indicate a root canal is necessary.

Root Canal Symptoms

When you have a toothache, don’t delay but call Serene Dental to set up an examination appointment. One of our dentists in SW Portland, OR, will thoroughly examine the tooth to check if it is necessary to do the procedure. Some of the symptoms that call for root canals are:

  • Discomfort that ranges from mild to severe
  • Tooth sensitivity that lasts for several days.
  • Tender, swollen gums

If your tooth is infected, you may have a soft bump on your gums with pus within it. The infection will require removal because if it gets worse, it can travel through your bloodstream and affect your vital organs, such as your heart.

Getting the Root Canal

After determining that you need a root canals Portland, our dentists at Serene Dental can do them in our offices. While most dental practices send their patients to an endodontist to do the work, our dentists have the skills to do them. The procedure takes at least two visits to complete.

During the first visit, the dentist near you in Portland, OR, will open the tooth and remove the tooth’s root and pulp. It then gets a temporary filling, and our dentist will order a replacement crown for you. They will then send you home with instructions to not bite the tooth, eat only soft foods, and carefully brush and floss your teeth.

Placing the Crown

Once the crown arrives at our dentist’s office near you at Serene Dental in Portland, OR, the dentist will use cement to glue it in place. Our Multnomah Village dentist will provide more aftercare instructions, and then you can go home with your replacement crown.

You should eat soft foods for another week or 10-days until the root canal heals fully. Then afterword, you can go back to eating a normal diet with the foods that you love.

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